How Will You Pay Your Medical Bills After North Carolina Motorcycle Accident

One of  the most frequent questions we get asked from clients involved in a North Carolina motorcycle accident is “Should I pay my medical bills?”  This is a very important question because nobody wants to receive the threatening letters from medical care providers such as hospitals and EMS companies.  And, nobody wants to have their credit destroyed because of unpaid medical bills.

When someone is injured in a North Carolina motorcycle accident, there are a number possible sources of payment for medical bills.  The first and most obvious source of payment for medical bills is the victim’s health insurance.  Many North Carolina motorcycle accident victims have insurance through traditional insurers such as Blue Cross and Blue Shield or UnitedHealthcare.  Other types of coverage include Medicaid and Medicare.  If you have coverage under one of these plans, it would appear that you are OK, right?  Well, maybe not.

Many hospitals are choosing to not bill health insurance following a serious North Carolina motorcycle accident.  You might ask – can a hospital do that?  Unfortunately, it appears that under current North Carolina and Federal law, a hospital can choose to not bill health insurance following a motorcycle accident or any other type of accident.

Hospitals choose not to bill health insurance because, in some cases, the hospital can make more money by making a claim against the personal injury recovery directly and without using health insurance.  Several lawyers, including significant efforts by my law firm, have brought litigation against hospitals asking the court to force hospitals to bill health insurance and refrain from collecting against funds available to injury victims, but the courts have taken the side of the hospitals in these cases.

So where does that leave the North Carolina motorcycle wreck victim facing significant medical bills?  If you have hired a lawyer for your case, the lawyer will typically communicate with the hospital or medical provider about the status of the case.  This will usually keep the hospital or medical provider from turning your account over to a collection agency.  In some situations, making a small payment to the hospital or medical provider can also keep your account from being turned over to collections.

Every case is unique and it is difficult to predict what a hospital or medical care provider may do with respect to your medical bills.  If you have a question about your medical bills following a North Carolina motorcycle accident, please feel free to give us a call.  There is no charge for the call.