North Carolina Motorcycle Wreck Insurance Claim Lawyers

Any serious North Carolina motorcycle wreck claim involves a very serious intensive investigation of all possible insurance coverage for the injured victim.  Our North Carolina motorcycle wreck insurance claim lawyers at Hendren Redwine & Malone can help you and your family sort through this challenging aspect of your claim.

North Carolina motorcycle wrecks can happen for a variety of reasons.  Our motorcycle lawyers have experience with all types of motorcycle wreck claims including:

  • claims with drivers who do not have enough insurance also called underinsured drivers
  • claims with drivers who do not have any insurance also called uninsured drivers
  • wrecks with drivers who were working for someone else at the time of the wreck

These are some of the factors than can significantly affect the insurance money available for an injured North Carolina motorcyclist.

If the motorcycle accident involves a driver without enough insurance or no insurance at all, North Carolina motorcycle accident victims may be able to obtain additional coverage for their claim under the UI/UIM portions of any applicable insurance policies for the injured biker.  These applicable policies may include the insurance on the motorcycle and any other policies of motor vehicle insurance for any family member of the injured biker’s household.

Determining which insurance policies apply may require a detailed review of every policy to ensure nothing is missed.  Our North Carolina motorcycle wreck insurance claim lawyers know the rules of insurance and can help sort through the tricky policy language and find the best type of insurance coverage for your claim.

If the motorcycle wreck was caused by someone who was working for someone at the time of the wreck, insurance for the employer may also provide coverage.  This is particularly true if the employer owned the vehicle involved in the collision.

Finding all available insurance is critical to ensuring the best outcome in many motorcycle accident cases.  In one memorable case, our motorcycle client was severely injured by a drunk driver in western North Carolina.  This drunk driver only had $30,000 of insurance.  However, our client had hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills.  After digging through our clients insurance documents, we were able to find over $700,000 in underinsured motorist coverage which was collected in its entirety for our client.  This recovery allowed our client to comfortably recover from his injuries without the day-to-day stress of mounting medical bills and lost wages.

Our North Carolina motorcycle wreck insurance claim lawyers are available to discuss you motorcycle wreck claim.  Call us today at 919-420-0475 for a free consultation.  There is no charge for the call and we charge attorneys’ fees only if we recover money for you.

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