How Much Money Is My NC Motorcycle Case Worth

One of the first things we are asked when contacted by a North Carolina motorcycle wreck victim is how much is my North Carolina motorcycle wreck case worth?  This is a very complicated question that depends on many factors including:

  • The type of injuries sustained by the injured person
  • The amount of lost wages incurred by the injured person
  • The level of fault or liability on the other driver
  • The amount of insurance or other funds available to help pay the injured person
  • Whether there were other injured victims in the wreck that might need to be paid from the same limited pool of money

On our results page, we list numerous results that we have obtained for North Carolina motorcycle wreck victims.  As you can see, the results vary significantly.  However, for the purposes of understanding some of the issues that come up in a North Carolina motorcycle wreck wrongful death case, we will discuss one of the listed results.

In August of 2013, a 52 year old man was tragically killed near Lincolnton, North Carolina when a tractor-trailer pulled across his path while he was riding his motorcycle.  The wreck happened in the middle of the day and there did not appear to be any defense for the driver of the tractor-trailer.  The driver simply failed to see the on-coming motorcyclist.

Determining the measure of the loss to the motorcyclist’s family was the real challenge in this case.  The motorcyclist had six surviving children ranging in ages from 10 to 25.  Several of the children lived out-of-state and saw their father infrequently.  In order to demonstrate the impact of the death of their father, we brought all the children to North Carolina and spent a day videotaping interviews with family and friends of the deceased biker.  The final edited video was critical in obtaining a $700,000 settlement for the biker’s children.

This is only one case and every case is unique and different and our approach to establishing damages depends on the facts of each case.   If you have a question about the value of your North Carolina motorcycle wreck claim or what your North Carolina motorcycle claim may be worth, call the lawyers at Hendren Redwine & Malone at 919-420-0475 for a free consultation.

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