Salisbury, NC (November 29, 2020) – A motorcyclist named Michael Salyer was very seriously injured in a wreck in Salisbury, North Carolina on Sunday afternoon.

The wreck happened on Jake Alexander Boulevard at around 4:00 p.m. According to available information, Mr. Salyer was traveling in the left northwest on Kae Alexander Boulevard. A man driving a Chevrolet van was traveling in the right lane and attempted to make a U-turn. As the man attempted the U-turn, he apparently crossed in front of Mr. Salyer causing the collision.

Mr. Salyer ended up being dragged beneath the van and was very seriously injured. He was taken by helicopter to a local trauma unit for treatment. There is not currently any work on his condition but we certainly hope he recovers.

There is also no word on any charges against the van driver stemming from this accident.