A gentleman named Blake Tercero was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident on Glenwood Avenue in Raleigh on Thursday.  The accident happened around 1:30 pm and there are significantly conflicting accounts of what happened.

Some reports indicate that Mr. Tercero was traveling at a high rate of speed and popped a wheelie on Glenwood Avenue.  Yet, another eyewitness indicates that Mr. Tercero performed a maneuver on his bike to avoid another vehicle.

This is obviously a very complicated case.  Hopefully, the Raleigh Police Department has taken eyewitness statements from everyone who saw the wreck.  In some instances, the RPD will conduct a full accident reconstruction on fatal accidents such as this but it is not clear if that is happening for this wreck.

Mr. Tercero was a former soldier stationed at Fort Bragg and he was 29 years old.  He resided in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  The accident location is less than a mile from our offices and resulted in the closing of Glenwood Avenue for several hours.