A gentleman named Jerry Willard was seriously injured and his wife Patricia Willard was killed when their motorcycle hit the rear of a flatbed tow truck that was parked in the travel lane of Sumner Church Road in Guildford County.

The crash happened near the intersection of Sumner Church Road and Old Randleman Road at around 8:00 am.  According to available information, Mr. Willard was driving the motorcycle, which was a trike style bike, and his wife was riding on the back.

At this point there is no indication about charges being filed arising from the crash.  The fact that the flatbed tow truck was left parked in the middle of a travel lane is very concerning and is potentially a violation of North Carolina General Statutes Sections 20-161.  Our research indicates that Sumner Church Road has a posted speed limit of 45 mph.  Therefore, under NCGS 20-161, it would be unlawful to leave a vehicle parked in the lane of travel in the manner that the flatbed tow truck was parked in this instance.

UPDATE – recent reports indicate that the driver of the tow truck has now been charged with improper parking and involuntary manslaughter.

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