A gentleman named David Drach was tragically killed and his wife Nancy Drach was seriously injured on Tuesday morning in a motorcycle crash involving a lumber truck near Valle Crucis, North Carolina.  The crash happened around 11:00 am on N.C. Highway 194.  According to available information, The Drachs were traveling northbound on NC 194 while a flatbed truck was traveling southbound.  Apparently, the flatbed truck was transporting lumber that had become unsecured and was protruding out from the truck.  As the Drachs rode past the truck on their motorcycle, the lumber struck them causing the crash.

Mr. Drach did not survive.  Mrs. Drach was airlifted to Johnson City Medical Center.  The Drachs are apparently from Lake Placid, Florida.

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This is a very tragic accident and appears to have been easily prevented had the load on the flatbed been properly secured.  The truck belongs to New River Building Supply and the driver has been charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle.  At this time, it is not clear whether anyone else may have also been responsible for securing the lumber onto the truck.