Motorcyclists Donald Craft and his wife Melinda Craft were both seriously injured on Friday in an accident on US 23/74 near Lake Junaluska in North Carolina.  The accident happened around 2:10 pm as the Crafts traveled westbound on the highway.  According to available information, Donald Craft attempted to switch lanes and lost control of his vehicle due to uneven pavement between the lanes.

After losing control, the motorcycle struck a guardrail.  Both Mr. Craft and his wife were airlifted to Mission Hospital in Asheville for treatment of their serious injuries.

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This is obviously a very serious accident and calls into question whether the differential between the pavement was appropriate for highway design standards.  Hopefully, the investigating officers have taken the time to measure the pavement differential.  In similar cases where the investigating officer has not taken this measurement, expert witnesses can be employed to determine whether the differential was appropriate.